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Ven-u: is a program that markets to a specific audience, the bar and restaurant audience. This specialized marketing Package is geared towards Bars & restaurants with a website presence. Advertising and marketing on TV is no longer the best way to reach a target audience. Yelp and other bar & restaurant directories that help customers find a place to dine or grab a drink or two are now more popular then ever. Those directories are becoming more and more responsible for directing the Bar & restaurant business, so this next fact is vitally important to any business that wants to compete for that customer; It is a proven statistic that 64% of people who view a product or service through a video will in fact purchase that product or service from a business website at a 64% retention rate. Quantum Media Productions is in the business of creating business; therefore we create video's that paired with your business website will get potential customers interested and excited to visit your business. QMP will produce a creative, energetic, eye-popping and stimulating video that will highlight your business in a way that will arouse and spark your target audience to visit and enjoy what your business has to offer, resulting in more business and profit. This is how we can do that:


QMP offers two Venue Invasion-Bar & Restaurant video packages:

  • Bar & Restaurant Package #1: (1) 30 or 60 second marketing video, includes: two HD video Camera's, editing, effects, lighting, raw footage, scriptwriting, storyboarding, consultation. Rate: $170.00

  • Bar & Restaurant Package #2: (2) 30 or 60 second marketing video, includes: two HD Video Camera's, editing, effects, lighting, raw footage, scriptwriting, storyboarding, consultation, Rate: $235.00

Note: The above rate is for a max production time of 6 hours of filming, additional hours are charged at a rate of $25.00 hour. 

Spanish language video's: There is no additional charge. 

Spanish voice-over maybe charged additionally if the customer chooses to hire a spanish voice-over talent or an in-house voice-over talent can be used at no additional charge. 


"Quantum Media Productions creates video branding for your business or product with different effects and audio to complement your business and make you stand out.  

Note: Adding video marketing to any website will increase customer retention at a rate of 64% and that means more business and profit."

Quantum Media Productions Presents: 

Venue Invasion-Bar & Restaurant

Video Marketing


Bar & Restaurant Video Marketing

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