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"Online video ads are currently the most effective advertising medium, with 72% of ad agencies saying that online video advertising is more effective than TV advertising."


PRODUCT AND SERVICE VIDEOS: Having a video on your site is perfect for capturing the attention of your audience and boosting your conversion rates or retention rate, did you know that with a video on your website you are able to capture a 64% retention rate and that translate to more sales and customers. Show off your products, events, services and sell more. It looks as if Video marketing on a website has finally come of age, video marketing is an essential selling tool for any business. One of the more popular video formats these days are explanatory videos, or explainer videos. Explainer videos are typically 60-90 second videos explaining how your company or business works and what sets you apart from the competition (your unique selling proposition, or USP). Quantum Media Productions produces Video commercial marketing for any type of business; restuarants, shops, wedding businesses, events, small or large business. 


Making a commercial: To make a commercial you need to shoot it in a good enough quality to be accepted by the TV stations and cable TV companies and even to look professional on your own website. It needs to be on a professional video format. But beyond that, to be successful, it needs to be compelling enough to get people's attention and have them remember your product or service's. Most local companies don’t have enough money to pay for a professional crew. Even when they do, you need to have a message that resonates with an audience – making an effective TV commercial involves more than just pointing the camera. You’ve got :30 seconds to sell your business and tell a compelling story. We have developed a Low Cost Video TV & Website commercial production approach to help local and small businesses look professonal and get their message across.


Low-Cost TV & Website ads:

  • $170.00: (1) 30/60 second TV & Video website ad, includes; Initial production meeting, script writing, filming(1080HD format), audio voice over, video editing, up to 6 hours of production time. Additional hours are charged at $25.00hr.

  • $235.00: (2) 30/60 second TV & Video website ad, includes; Initial production meeting, script writing, filming(1080HD format), audio voice over, video editing, up to 6 hours of production time. Additional hours are charged at $25.00hr

  • Spanish language video's are available at no additional charge. 

In most ads, you can upload your own pictures or just use ours. You can also use our extensive stock footage and music library at no additional cost. You can also use your own pictures and logos from your own business, stock footage and music from your library. If you need a voice over talent, we can provide that at an additional charge of $50.00hr. You can use our in-house voice over talent at no charge or you can use your own voice. We produce the kind of TV & Website video's that are specific to your needs and audience. The idea of these low cost videos is to drive sales to your website and storefront. 

Website & Video development Package:

  • $425.00: Website & Video package, initial charge includes; obtain URL domain name, website development, logo development, web-hosting, TV & Video production with upload to website. Video production includes all of the above low-cost TV & website ad items. 

  • $20.00 monthly subscription fee for maintanance of the domain and web-hosting. 

  • $10-$20.00 additional monthly charge for emails or no charge for gmail.


"If your a local or small business this is the best way to market yourself and attract an audience, and we can accomplish this for you at the best rates in the Video Marketing industry! We will make your business look professional and make you stand above your competition."



Low Cost TV & Website commercial Ads 

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