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Quantum Media Productions 


Paranormal World Radio 

Paranormal World Radio:

Coming soon new programming featuring a production in current development for network or cable broadcasting:

Subject matter will tackle the following with a new twist:  

  • Hauntings

  • Aliens: 

  • Ancient Alien theories

  • Cryptozoolog

  • Ghost Investigations 

  • Ghostly travels

  • Celebrity Ghost tales

  • Spirits, Mediums and the Beyond

  • Band on The run a ghost investigation

  • Paranormal Panel: experts discuss the paranormal

  • Dimensional travels

  • Paranormal 

and much more.

Tune in this fall for a new look at the Paranormal, nothing watered down or politized, we present the facts, the theories and you do the rest and draw your own conclusions, prepare to be entertained and amazed at the new generation of Paranormal Programming. 


To check out the latest video's and programming from the PWR website click here to be taken to the website:                                                    

Then go to the PWR facebook page and like us or check out what we are up to:     

To check out exclusive Paranormal World Radio video's go to our youtube site:

Note: the Paranormal World Radio website is under construction and not available till October 27, 2017.

Go to the website for updates and go to the Facebook page and like us:





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