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Corporate package pricing:

Corporate Video Production is based on production size and time.
Professional Video Package
Consultation, 8 hours of filming, editing & effects: $350.00
Additional fees: 
filming hours over basic rate: 
8 hours: $150.00
3 days: $259.00 (capped) 


Corporate Events

Additional Customizations fee:

  • Raw footage: Free

  • Studio Lights: $129.00

  • Slider & Tripod kits : $139.00

  • Advanced consultation fee: $225.00

Note: Advanced productions that require a consulting fee include the following: scriptwriting, conceptualization, storyboarding, and talent casting. 

Talent fee is separate and negotiated with the business. For advanced production values other equipment maybe used for cinematic effect, rates will vary. 

Length of footage will be shorter than coverage time unless the production is non-stop and continuous as in live corporate events. 

Note: Initial consultation fee is at no charge. 


Travel up to a 60 mile radius from Chicago is at no charge. Any travel beyond the 60 mile radius is charged at $2.50 a mile. 

Parking is not covered if parking is required the customer will be charged. 


For more information on Corporate Video Production or corporate event filming contact the sales department at

Quantum Media Productions

Corporate Videography Packages

Corporate Videography, why? Todays commercials seen on TV make up a large part of business profits. Meaning when someone sees a TV commercial it could leave an impression with the viewer and may lead to a purchase of a product or services. Aside from TV commercials most businesses today need a video presence, that tells customers or potential customers who you and and what your product or services are, Quantum Media Productions will produce and create a professional business video to upload on your website, youtube, social media so customers can experience who you are and what makes you different from your competitor. Its is a proven statistic that 64% of people who visit a website with video advertising will at a rate of 64% purchase that websites product or services. 

Quantum Media Productions is an affordable means to your success as we produce TV calber video marketing for any business or product. We do not charge high fees when it comes to producing creative and affordable messages that will play on your website. We will initially consult at no charge to see how we can turn your business or product into relevant profit. We have a variety of rates that will fit your budget. Let QMP create a Marketing video that will not just make you a profit but will make your business stand out against the competition. 

Corporate Videography Categories:


Corporate Marketing Video


Product Video Marketing

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